Hi, let's get right to the facts, shall we? I'm losing court cases for the election left and right. I have no interest in saving Trump. My ONLY goal is to make sure I fool the very base of voters that I made fun of back in 2016 from the quote on the main page of this website.


I'm aiming to be a part of FOXNEWS, OANN, or NewsMax. I'm a fake Christian with no morals especially when it comes to Democracy. I'm a professional liar who even as we lose, will insist we're winning.


I'm a joke. Judges laugh at me in court. I'm a national embarrassment who cries herself to sleep at night knowing I've got no future thanks to my own falsehoods. The only sure thing is that this website will follow me around all next year while I job hunt.


I, Jenna Ellis, am a fraud.




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